Cipherlab 8000 C,Cipherlab8000C,Cipherlab
  • CIPHERLAB 8000 C
Stocktake Setting with Excel
Stock In & Out Setting
Built-in Laser scanner
Scanning width within 8 inch
2M memory for storing data about 40,000 records
2 AAA battery for 100 operation hours
Optional: 3G Cradle,Ethernet Cradle,Modem Cradle,RS232 Cradle
Bundled IR Cradle upload DLL & Visual Basic 6 Sample Program
Support "C", "Basic" compilers for development

Convenient to replace battery
User-friendly program setting
Bundled utility - application generator
Can use DLL driver to get the data directly

Cost effective
Minimise human mistake
Suitable for inventory control, work-in-process, tracking, shop floor management, asset management


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  • 品 牌: cipherLab
  • 型 號: Cipherlab 8000 C
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